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This was a question I was asked by someone in the early stages of my blogging for money career. This fellow noticed that I was spending hours and days doing what he does for mere minutes and even seconds.

What he was taking advantage of that I wasn’t was “using the right software to do in minutes what others do in hours or even days”.

So, I ask you that same question…

Why are you a FOOL… while blogging for money?

When it comes to the Internet and it’s money making capabilities, it’s obvious that there are great software and tools out there to ease the process of doing most things. But sadly, most people don’t know these software, nor how to use them to achieve their set aims.

For example, one of the greatest time wasters for me was manually creating my WordPress blogs. I used to spend many long and painful hours creating my WordPress blogs.

It was this same friend of mine that later told me I could automate this process with the right software.

I didn’t like blackhat software so was wary until he showed me how the software worked for him without getting him blacklisted or getting his blogs into any kind of trouble with the search engines.

But before you rush out there and start looking for blogging software that will automate most of the process for you, a word of caution here.

There are many blackhat blogging software out there that you shouldn’t go near, let alone use.

Many of such blackhat blogging software promise you heaven and earth, but if you go ahead and invest the huge amount buying them, you would end up getting into trouble and losing the little money you previously earn.

Don’t listen to the mouth-watering promises offered by such software. Instead, take your time to thoroughly investigage if the blogging software is whitehat or blackhat and if it can get you into trouble with the search engines.

Don’t know where and how to investigage?

There are lots of greatly written articles like this that show you what to expect and how to locate great looking whitehat blogging software.

There are also lots of whitehat focused blogging forums where you can ask real-life members for their opinion on the best whitehat blogging software out there. These members actually use these software and are in the right position to give you advice.

But whatever decision you end up making, know that you shouldn’t continue to be a FOOL like I was wasting hours and days doing what a whitehat blogging software can help you do for minutes!


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