Apr 092012

A few nice blog images I found:


Image by francescopozzi
Qualche idea su come riorganizzare feed e blog…

Blog of the day once again

Image by the Italian voice
Today I found myself as blog of the day once again with my Italian blog.
I was recommended on the main page of a famous Italian community called "Libero".
They also used a thumbnail of my shot about the CV.
Thanks a lot!!

Mar. 6th, 2008

blog.founddrama.net on the iPod touch

Image by found_drama
Demoed an iPod touch while I was at Small Dog about BenNevis’ magsafe adapter today…

Neat little apparatus. Out of curiosity, I pulled up my blog just to see how it would look to the iPhone and iPod touch users out there. To my surprise, what they say is true — if you make even a half-assed effort to follow web standards, your site will be just fine. I was impressed.

Too bad this snapshop was so out of focus. (Stupid depth of field.)


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