May 232012

This is the end.
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  18 Responses to “Last Blog Ever”

  1. Lord help him

  2. It’s unfortunate that people watch this so they can laugh at him. This is not funny it is sad. People need to stop being so cruel. God bless him and help him to become confident in himself and not care what other people have to say about him.

  3. Spasticated retard

  4. All I caught was you punching that child

  5. Mate, have you seen the state of your face. I have downs, and your face is worse. Please comment and subscribe to my face. Myah!

  6. How anybody like this is beyond me but congrats on gettin in 21 js

  7. im do happy i saw you in 21 jump street

  8. I saw dax alot of years ago and didn’t like him. But then I saw it from the beginning and started to like it.

  9. LOL face at end :D

  10. Why did u all most start crying. It looked like you were shitting your pants

  11. The face at the end made me piss my self. Not kidding.

  12. LOLZ at the face at the end

  13. at 1:16 he was trying to shit

  14. thats was a HUGE right hook buddy hahah

  15. ur right dax, words do hurt the worst.

  16. i think you should let it slide. they’re just jealous. keep making blogs! you’re cute!

  17. Yeah he’s the curly haired nerd!! Does a real good job in it actually its hard to believe this is him

  18. Holy fucking shit. Those eyebrows! Are you fucking kidding me! Genius!