Jun 102012

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) June 10, 2012

WSOP is still the most leading international poker tournament in the world today, based on the growing base of its fans and enthusiasts. Since Poker is a game of wits and big money, people are striving hard on how to learn the secrets of the pros. In fact, Poker is one of the most interesting topics across the Internet today. Realizing the growth of the Poker niche, the Chatwing development team has launched a chat widget that can help enthusiasts get the tips they need. The Chatwing chat app is known for its versatility and reliability online.

Chatwing is built to provide an avenue of communication, not only to web surfers, but to avid bloggers as well. Today, blogs and websites are portals of information that everyone can discover. Everyday, a new blog or website is being created, comprising the large bulk of the Internet. One of Chatwings main goals is to ensure that bloggers are connecting to their target audience efficiently. Many bloggers and web surfers have also benefited a lot from the simplicity of the Chatwing shoutbox. This clearly emphasizes the fact that people doesnt like applications with complicated commands that take up a large portion of their time.

WSOP fans can also connect with many people because of Chatwings social media integration. Through this option, Chatwing shout box users can now log in with their Facebook or Twitter accounts. This can expand a persons social network in the least possible time. Chatwing is also versatile enough because users can tinker with thousands of topics. WSOP fans have recently used Chatwing chatrooms to discuss about bluffing techniques, player positions and advantages, bet sizing, sea betting, cash games, tournament etiquette, and making a career out of Poker.

Many bloggers also liked Chatwings easy installation mechanism. They have observed that the average installation of the Chatwing chat box takes only few seconds. This varies depending on the users customization preferences. The Chatwing team also maintains a Facebook page wherein new user can check out updates and useful content.

About Chatwing.com

Chatwing.com has developed live chat software for websites and blogs. It caters to different online communities due to its high rate of connectivity. Everyone can create a customizable live chat box feature in one minute or less. Users have the ability to customize the size, color, and fonts of the chat product. The ability to chat via social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter enable Chatwing to offer a personal and unique real-time experience to all sites. Chatwing is 100% free and very easy to use.


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