Jun 222012

Some cool blog images:

New blog!

Image by L D M
My new year’s resolutions, so far:
✓ Start a blog.

So: I made a new blog: Eldeeemland!

First post

Reminder to everyone: Reverse Engineering Contest III is coming soon! Get working on your submissions if you so desire; I’ll make the announcement February first.
You can consider my new buddy icon to be a mini-challenge to you, to get your brains in gear! :D

Blog better using Zemanta

Image by debuchakrabarty
Listen to the Hindi podcast on zemanta at lite.podbharti.com/ep-4.

In the fourth episode of Podbharti Lite Debashish Chakrabarty reviews the newly introduced browser plugin Zemanta meant for bloggers. Zemanta is a semantic analysis engine available as a Firefox extension that improves your blog posts by suggesting appropriate pictures, links, tags and related content. Right now it only supports Firefox and an IE plugin is expected soon. Zemanta works with most of the popular blogging platforms including WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Movable Type and Live Journal.

Blog – The Carbon Muse

Image by jurvetson
A model of the double and single covalent bonds of carbon within a benzene ring, the subject of today’s blog post.

(note: this is the historical model of Kekulé)


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