Jun 262012

Article by John Smith

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A lot of internet users are becoming addicted to blogging these days, and one of the most common reasons for the ever increasing number of its users is blog marketing. People, especially the generation why and teens are using blogs to express what they feel and share their ideas with other people in the world.

Savvy internet marketers have made the most of blog marketing, it help them in keeping regular contact with their clients and communicate with them without spending any money.

Surveys showed that a especial blogging technique turned out to be on of the strongest strategies to improve and promote the rankings of search engines, this technique was known as “blog and ping”. As people learnt about this technique, its misuse also started to grow and spammers started using it in excess which ultimately decreased the effectiveness of the search engines.

Blogging and blog marketing methods can still be used to generate internet traffic at your blogs. Blogging has changed and shaped itself with time; it has lost its original effectiveness, but can still be used to improve ones online presence.

Here are some guidelines:–Ask yourself if you are interested in using blogs to communicate with your clients?

Do you think you can provide timely and regular content and information to your clients?

If yes, then you can make the best use out of blogs, always come up with timely and attention grabbing content and information or else risk loosing your clients.

–If the content and information on your blog is useful to those who often visit your blog?

Only those visitors would come back again to your blog who find anything useful on your blog.

–Can you provide an expert opinion on a topic, product review, or information regarding the service of a product to your readers?If you can, then you can certainly use a blog.

–Are your clients familiar with the internet, do they use it regularly?

You can only use a blog for marketing and other purposes if your readers and clients are regular users of the internet, it is a medium for communication between you and your client.

–Can you dedicate sufficient time to blogging?If you want to have an active blog, then it requires a lot of your time, as it needs regular monitoring and updating.

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Answering no to any of the above questions limits you from using a blog on its full potential and Blog Marketing .

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John Smith

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