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In their latest blog post, Ed and Cathy Lorient discuss how to make marriage work. The new blog post is titled, 50-Percent of Marriages Work. How Do They Do It?

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Within this latest post, Ed and Cathy admit that, due to the high divorce statistics, it can sometimes be hard for couples to envisage staying together. However, they remind their readers that if half of all marriages will fail, then half will also work!

They note that Anne Naylor conducted a study by interviewing couples who had been together for thirty years or longer. She wanted to find out exactly how they did it. She reported her findings on the Huffington Post in her article, 50% of Marriages Work. How?

Firstly, the article suggested that successful couples shared the same values.

Although partners may be quite different in their choices of food, music or leisure activities, they nevertheless agreed on certain life priorities, about money, raising children, and the numerous little elements that make up daily life, the article said.

It also made readers aware that these couples feel safe enough with each other to openly communicate. Finally, Naylor concluded that both couples are safe with the idea of vulnerability from both sides.

The best advice we will ever get on having a long and happy marriage doesnt come from experts. It comes from couples who know firsthand what it takes and what you must give in order to stay together forever and feel blessed to do it, Ed and Cathy state.

They conclude their latest blog post by urging their readers to digest the article and learn a thing or two about their own marriage.

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