Aug 052012

From Jenny Lawson (@thebloggess): People ask me the same questions every week so I’m making a series of videos to answer them. These videos are done on the fly and I don’t have time to edit them. Sorry!
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  4 Responses to “Question 2: How can I make money blogging?”

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  2. Ps. I LOVE your blog and all your other writings. It’s awesome that you have figured out how to do what you love AND make money. You should be very proud of yourself!

  3. Thanks so much for making this video! Yeah, I pretty much realized and accepted early on that I’m not going to make any money on my videos/blog. And if I tried, then dealing with advertisers, etc will become a part-time job just by itself (a job I would hate), and then I wouldn’t have time for my blogging hobby. Then my blog would suck (more than it does now) and I’d lose whatever pennies in advertising revenue I was generating. Thankfully, I still have a real job that pays :)

  4. You are brave and lovely and inspiring. I appreciate your sharing and will share this with others. Thank you sincerely. Shock and Awe response to your human giving kind heart <3