Aug 132012 — How to make money blogging shows you how hot trends and current hot topics can be a great target to earn money blogging. Just ten minutes to set up a super simple blog based on hot topics can be a great way to make money. Watch the video about how to earn money with a blog and then follow the link to download a great video course for free that goes into extreme detail and creating a monetizing your blog. Even if you are new to making money on the web this course will work for you. Empower network-how do blogs make money? Most people today who have an online business will have a blog. So how does a blog make money? Blogs as a rule do not make money, some do but a vast majority don’t. What a blog is made for is an introducing to the person and the business they promote, like a business card. It’s a platform for people to get the know the person and read their thoughts and views, maybe gian some valuble information that they can use to help them in business or whatever they are interested in. So how does the Empower Network figure into this? The Empower Network is in fact a blogging platform with a very high ranking on google. For someone new, just starting a new blog online, it can take months before you are ever ranked on google. That means months and months of waiting before anyone finds your blog. You see when you blog with the Empower Network system you are being ranked from the start, no waiting. Also, on the blog you find banners that when people click on them it will take them to an opt in page. People will be curious on how they also can make 100% commissions, and by doing that, gives you more leads and makes you money as well. This is a totally generic platform, doesn’t matter if your promoting cookies, lotions and potions.For any person in a network marketing business this is a dream come true. More leads and more money for them and their team, and as anyone will tell you your business is dead without new leads coming
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