Aug 202012

Lil Wayne’s first exclusive blog thanking all of his fans for the first week sales of The Carter 3 – A MILLIE!!! “Tha Carter 3″ In Stores Now “The Carter” – documentary Coming Soon
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A song and video about blogging and web 2.0. Enjoy! And if you want to find out more about me – go to Here’s the song My picture is flickring around technorati And I just discovered I am such a newb, I’m on YouTube Are you blogging this? Delicious myspace then tell me with meebo Drop my feed into bloglines, I’m so web 2.0 Are you blogging this? Blogger blummy skobee ditto seekum suckingfish Auctionmapper frappr zoomr feedwhip blish Rollyo seekum previewseek swicki wink Flickr scanr talkr cheapr soonr kitchen sink All Ourmedia’s confusing me Maybe I need to read a Wikipedia entryAre you blogging this? Google froogle blogger SketchUp calculator talk Code news catalogs academic search Finance images video alerts Mobile SMS picasa translate search Subscribe! – Connect with me! my blog – @davidleeking on Twitter – http davidleeking on Facebook –


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  32 Responses to “Weezy Blog #1 – Thank You”

  1. The book drive…..classic.

  2. He is fucking RETARDED!

  3. Yo high bitch

  4. I miss this Wayne.

  5. Still my fav youtube video

  6. my dream is to smoke a pound every day while being on tour with that ni66a! on da set!

  7. Fake Ass Rapping Nigger

  8. fucking faded

  9. brah this my 1st time seeing this but i swea tunechi look like he from korea right na whoadie what you be smoking on ?

  10. dats a scary looking nigga 2 wake up 2 n da mid of da nite

  11. join the club

  12. Haha Give This A Thumbs Up If You Think He’s High.

  13. Hell yeah I remember Book Week. Book Week was the shit.

  14. U see that styrofoam cup.u kno wut that means, drank

  15. more rhythm .man this is the south.we like drums

  16. - Yep…I rememeber this video., it made very success around an old agency which i had work.
    Keep blogging this…
    Sure, I doubt many of the services sang in the music, are still ALIVE!!!!

  17. Thanks!

  18. Great song! I enjoyed the video too! Thanks ;)

  19. 50,000+ views for an end view of his saliva??

  20. BORING

  21. ice username :-)

    Twitter wasn’t actually around when I wrote the song! This song is 3-4 years old, and twitter started soon after the song was uploaded.

    Actually, it would be interesting to see what services/companies I mentioned are still around, for that matter!

  22. How could you miss Twitter? Did that not fit in the lyrics? :P

    by the way we have somewhat similar usernames… just saying

  23. Hey thanks – appreciate it!

  24. Great Video.. Not that informative, but a little song won’t hurt nobody:)
    Keep it up!

  25. ahh! the irony!!!

  26. Ha! And yet, you commented on it… just sayin.

  27. dum dum dum dumb

  28. UHauhauhauhahua The last chapter of your life begins when you join into the modens social-networks.
    Waste of time, preserve you live, dont be so Modern (dumbass)!

  29. Awesome video! You truly are a leader. The content you provide, are the same great techniques that have caused me to achieve massive success, all through free marketing. Keep up the good work, and look forward to future videos…

  30. Actually, quite a few blogged about it, including some pretty high-profile blogs/newspapers. Where did you look? You’ll find it if you just google the song.

  31. Did you mean “blogging” this?

  32. Its OK. Looks like no one’s blogging about it, just commenting. So it didn’t work.