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Queensland, Australia (PRWEB) September 14, 2012

In a recent blog post, Craig Aitken, Owner and Director of SmarterApps, analysed Kiips announcement, explained the basics of Kiips development and projected a bright future for the company. He then went on to explain how Kiip could become a major player in the apps industry, and how it could benefit app developers.

Kiip was launched in April 2011. They started with ten games and ten different brands paying them and developers to advertise on those games. They started with $ 4.1 million in Series A funding. This helped them develop the original ten games, and they eventually started a fund to help other developers create games for their system.

Kiip differs from most advertising programs, in that it doesnt use banner ads or text ads. Instead, it awards prizes to gamers for their accomplishments within the apps.

According to their website, the logic behind Kiips reward program is that the best time to reach a potential customer is when he or she has just accomplished something, and is at his or her happiest. The rewards can be gift cards, free samples, or coupons. Every time a user reaches a milestone in a game, they are given a reward. This is designed to encourage and increase user interaction.

At its best, everyone gets something. Users not only get rewards, but benefit from a cleaner app due to the absence of banner or text ads. Advertisers get a better response rate than with banner ads, and this increases the money from which the developer gets a cut.

According to Aitken, Kiip could be very big news for the mobile game developer. It appears to be a more effective way of advertising, and appears to provide a larger return on investment for the app developer. As apps have become more competitive, the margin for error has become smaller. This has the potential to push the margin of error back in the other direction, and give developers a little more breathing room.

Aitken continued, If Kiip is successful, as every step of their growth has indicated so far, they will be a game changer for the entire mobile app industry. As the old saying goes, everybody loves a winner and we can easily see Kiip spawning an entire new genre of advertising. Competition in this field is always good for consumers and developers alike. We will probably see more options and more benefits for all concerned within a year or two.

Aitken concluded, Kiip has just made it a little easier for app developers to see quicker and bigger profits from their game apps. I think were going to see a lot more games using this form of advertising in the future. For the savvy game developer, though, the future starts now.

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