Sep 182012

A few nice blog images I found:

Blogs and the Honeycomb Model

Image by magia3e
Based on Gene of Atomiq’s Building Blocks of Social Media showing the functional requirements for blogs.

Note that blogs only really covers conversations. It means that you’ll need some other tools if you’re wanting to really engage your audience you’re going to have to look more broadly than just blogs for your social media strategy

Me on blog

Image by Kirill Tryaskin
Thanks you all guys for that gift! I’m very exited about that!!! Thanks flickr for posting my work on flickr blog!!!

button for blogs (bright)

Image by r0ssie
want to link to this group from your blog? this design and two others are posted with easily-swiped html

And please post an image of one of your quilts here if you think it would make a good badge!


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