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Bethesda Fountain, Oct 2009 – 04
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Image by Ed Yourdon
This woman was sitting by herself (obviously) and typing on her Macbook laptop (obviously), but I couldn’t figure out the other items were doing there. Was it her own shopping bag? Her own flowers?

By the way, the water behind her is the southern edge of the "boat pond" which stretches for several blocks northward…

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After walking around the Alice in Wonderland statue yesterday (take a look at "I forgive you, Alice" on Flickr to see what that was all about ), I continued walking westward through Central Park. In the middle of the park (from an east-west perspective) is the Bethesda Fountain, which is often the scene of celebrations, weddings, and random throngs of people enjoying themselves — as well as a popular location in several movies and TV shows. However, on this quiet Wednesday in mid-autumn, it was almost deserted. I wandered around for a few minutes, looked out at the boat pond, and took a few pictures. It’s not enough to give you a comprehensive view of the fountain, but hopefully you’ll get a general sense…

Mary with the Doggie Diner dog 1353
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Image by marymactavish
When I was little, I was in love with the Doggie Diner dog heads. Maybe it was because I grew up with a dachshund, maybe it was because of their clever eyes and cunning bow ties. I have no idea. Gradually, over the course of my life (and the lives of others, of course), the restaurants closed, and the dog heads disappeared.

Some have reappeared in back yards, or on rusty poles next to former Doggie Diner restaurants. Some have been saved. Some are gone forever.

It’s hard to explain this sort of cultural icon. For me, it’s just, "Oooh, doggie heads!" They’re about growing up in the bay area (okay, technically, I didn’t, but we spent several weeks here every year with friends), and being middle-aged, and thinking, "Dang, we’ve lost too much cool stuff, mowed over by history."

If someone gave me a whole lot of money to invest, I might spend a chunk of it reopening a cafe with really good food (the DDs weren’t famous for food quality, though it was okay), doggie heads, and staff wearing white shirts and bow ties.

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lubitel 166 – coming soon
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Image by ratterrell
this is someone elses picture of the camera i just bought from ebay. i would love to give credit to the rightful photographer if i new their name. i’m presently operating under an assumption that they wouldn’t mind me placing this photo up hear (for blogging purposes) considering as i just paid them money for the camera. of course, once i receive the actual camera i’ll place my own photo up and the matter will be mute.


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