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Elma, New York (PRWEB) November 30, 2012

The Made In America Store got a surprise visit this week from a Der Spiegel International journalist looking to find the story behind Mark Andol and the Made In America Store. Der Spiegel is the biggest news magazine that delivers every week all over Europe.

Consumer can visit the Der Spiegel International website by clicking here! Make sure to keep up to date to find the article on the Made In America Store.

The past two weeks Mark Andol and the Made In America Store have caused quite the commotion in the media. L.A. Times, The Wall Street Journal, Buffalo News and WBEN News Radio all picked up on the Made in America movement and Mark Andol was leading the charge.

Its no secret that the US economy hasnt been growing at a desired rate but Mark Andol has a solution.

We need to bring jobs and respect back to the United States, says store owner and creator Mark Andol. Buying American made products means that the money and cash flow stays in the pockets of Americans. We can create and save jobs by just supporting US manufacturing!

Although a surprise to the Made In America Store team, the Germans arent the first international country to visit the store to find out what the story is. First, the Russians visited the store with their News Television to see what we were doing. Soon Japan and South Korea visited the store to see what Americans had still made.

But why were foreign news companies so interested in what Mark Andol was doing?

As China is pictured as the manufacturers of the world, each and every country has fallen for the same sub-par quality products in favor for a cheaper price. Russia, South Korea, Japan and now even Germany have also lost a significant amount of manufacturing jobs to China.

We lead with quality, says Mark Andol. I dont believe in the cheap, throw-away world of Chinese products.

Since the grand opening in April of 2010, Mark Andol and the Made In America Store team have not wavered from their message and morals. Only 100% US manufactured products are allowed on the shelves at the Made In America Store and that hasnt changed since day one.

Each vendor that supplies the Made In America Store is required to submit a Letter of Authenticity which lists each component used to manufacture the product and where its made.

Shop today for 100% American made products from the Made In America Store!

The Made In America Store is the only brick and mortar store that sells 100% made in the United States products from over 350 vendors. Consumers can visit or call 716-652-4872 to get more information or shop our catalog of over 3,500 items. Both Active Duty Military Personnel and U.S. Military Veterans receive a 10% discount every day. Followers of the Made In America movement can keep updated with the Made In America Store through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, FourSquare and even their own blog on WordPress!

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