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Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) December 17, 2012

73% of entrepreneurs want to see small business content from the brands they follow on social media at least once a week or more, according to research launched today by BizLaunch. The survey also found that 72% of entrepreneurs buy from the brands they follow on social media. These statistics come at a time when many marketers are planning their content marketing strategies for 2013.

Why Small business Owners Follow Brands Online

The research found that the majority of small business owners (65.9%) follow between 1-to-10 brands online. When small business owners were asked why they follow brands on social media they said they follow brands that: provide exclusive offers (24.2%), share information about future products (23.9%), and post interesting information (22%).

Small Business Owners Want More Content

For many marketers it’s not always possible to post exclusive offers or information about future products, so content marketing (the process of sharing relevant online content such as ebooks, webinars, blog posts, videos, etc.) has emerged as a new way for marketers to attract and engage current and potential customers on social media.

Experts have long said that to attract followers on social media, brands need to post content that is relevant to their customers. However, many marketers still have trouble determining what type of content is most likely to get liked, shared or commented on by followers. When small business owners were asked how they define interesting information, 62.2% said it was content that educates them about a particular topic, and 23.4% described it as content that they can use or content that saves time and money.

They Want More Videos, Webinars, and Articles

When survey respondents were asked about the type of small business content they liked to consume online, videos, webinars, and articles were the most favored content. With 73% of small business owners wanting small business content from the brands they follow at least once a week or more, 15.9% of that number actually want content once a day. Marketers should keep these numbers in mind when they are determining their content marketing strategies for 2013.

Marketing, Technology and Inspiration Hot Topics Among Small Business Owners

The survey also asked small business owners about the topics they would like more information about. The majority of respondents said they would like more information about marketing (27.5%), successful small business owners (18.6%), and technology (14.4%). Since small business owners are constantly looking for ways to; increase sales, learn from others, and operate more efficiently – marketers that want to attract more followers and engage existing followers should provide content about these topics at least once a week.


More than 450 small business owners across North America completed the online survey which was administered by BizLaunch throughout October 2012. Respondents consisted of seasoned business owners and new entrepreneurs, and businesses with 1 -to-45 employees.

For a full copy of the research findings, please contact:

Heather Largy

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BizLaunch Media Inc.


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