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  25 Responses to “Dealing with Panic Attacks & Anxiety | Zoella”

  1. i have the EXACT same condition. this video helped me a lot. life is getting really hard with all the therapy, medicines, and disappointments. it just sucks. and im very scared of my anxiety and panic attacks. i have it really severely. i love this video. i love you<3

  2. hah! thats me. nice to know im not a freak:/

  3. this was so helpful, thank you zoe !! :D

  4. Zoe, wow you are so inspirational I did excactly what you said and said yes and now I feel 100000% better than before and I can finally live my life to its full potential rather than staying at home and being worried about what I can get from life, thankyou!

  5. *Why are u so f*cking pretty?

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  7. It’s kind of different because I’ve been with my boyfriend for a long time and we live together but I have panic problems because I’m terrified of throwing up. He’s very comforting and understands. I did have to sorta sit him down and say “look, this is how I am and I need your help” and he has been very supportive. He makes little jokes about it, but he knows when it’s too far. There’s no need to tell someone if it doesn’t matter too much, but you may have to tell them soon :)

  8. Zoella, you are so amazing..

  9. This has really helped me, I have massive anxiety when I know I will be travelling because I’m terrified of vomitting and I’m so scared I’ll throw up that I panic. I have even contemplated doing college from home because I almost threw up on a bus before winter break and now I’m terrified to travel where I can’t immediately get out if need be. Thanks for this, it’s really made me re-think things :)

  10. Hi Zoella, thanks for uploading this video. Even though I don’t suffer from panic attacks myself, I actually found this helped me in other ways like worrying less about silly little things and just to say that yes you’re right. We’re not going to die from any of it, its just on our minds and we only live once so we can’t let things like this control our life.

  11. Thankyou Zoe, this was so helpful, I’m glad I’m not alone x

  12. Anyone else out there dating someone while you have this disorder? Just wondering if it’s possible to get into a relationship while struggling with this, thanks!

  13. thank you so much i was so scared and now i feel better afetr watching this vid xoxo i senbd all my love 2 u

  14. Panic attacks are even worse for me.
    Let me explain what the last one felt like.
    Everything around me was blurry,twisted,darkened.Every noise was loud but i couldn’t understand anything anyone said,i had no air and i screamed loudly without control.
    I had absolutely no air and i felt so angry and like everyone wanted to attack me,so i started to throw punches and kicks and even growl.
    I feel like some sort of a monster. ;(

  15. thank you so so so much, honestly this has helped me so much. thank you x x

  16. Thank you for this, really.

  17. Hey guys! Could you please check out my videos, I promise to make your day a least a little bit better, and make you laugh :3

  18. 348 people now.

  19. 348 dislikes… I have lost faith in the assbutts who have hated this.

  20. i dont have these problems but know a few ppl who do (my dad and bf) and she explained it 100% to how ive been told. the only thing id add is that when your adrenaline kicks in all your blood in your body rushed to its centre, you end up with less oxygen/blood in your brain what means if prevents you from thinking rationally.
    its so nice that ppl can be brave and help others, welldone zoella xxx

  21. I feel exactly the same and have been this way over two years now :( thank you so much for this video x

  22. Thank you zoella.

  23. Helped so much thanks :) x

  24. You are far beyond your years and have a true understanding of what it means to suffer from n acute Anxiety/ Panic Disorder. I am a 32 year old male and have lived with this for 16 years. After experimenting with Hallucinagenics when I was 18, it became completely debilitating and evolved into Agoraphobia. Thank you for your humility, empathy and sincerity.

  25. So brave and honest, welk done!