Dec 262012

Several bloggers complain that they are unable to find enough traffic headed towards their blog. Many new bloggers quit their efforts because of this, just because they feel hopeless. But there are a few tips that prove very helpful in attracting traffic to the desired blog. More the views are on the blog, more will the advertisements be displayed. For people who are working from home blog visits matter a lot as they get to display their products and services to more and more people.
The first thing a new blogger needs to do is that he must create a wide network for his blog. The network should be made around the blog in such a way that people would visit the blog by following certain backlinks. Te best way to make a network and bring initial traffic to blog is through facebook and twitter. By simply pasting a link or sharing it with others, many people would follow the blog creating traffic. People working from home and running their busin esses can use this practice to increase the viewership of their display
Another tip for people who are working from home and managing their own blogs is that they can become top commenter on other blogs of their niche. One can do that by simply searching for blogs with the same niche over the search engine and then making valuable comments on those blogs. The tip is to subscribe to their RSS feeds.
Video marketing helps a lot in promoting goods and services for people who are working from home and same is the case for bloggers. It is a very good practice to make a two minute video including relevant content to the blog and then uploading it over youtube and metacafe. The link to the blog can be shared at the beginning or at the end of that video. The link follows back to the blog and brings a fair enough traffic too. Another way to bring a lot of traffic to a blog is to write meaningful articles and such content. The usage for keywords maters a lot and they require their proper search engine optimization to be read by viewers. Although it may seem a waste of time to write so much where no one cares to read it, but to bring traffic there are efforts required like this.


Saad Ghafoor