Dec 282012

Youtube is the world’s largest video library and sharing network. There is barely a video present on the internet that is unavailable on youtube. There are millions of views each day on youtube and billions each month. A place where so much activity is taking place, there is always attraction for people working from home who look to earn some cash using any platform available. People are making money using youtube and quite handsomely too. How they are making money? They are obviously making money by uploading videos. People working from home who have a camera in their possession can make money from youtube. But how do they do it? Here are some steps that need to be taken before expecting a cash flow from youtube. After signing up to the website, the first thing required is to upload a video. But not any video can be uploaded. There are laws regarding the ownership of videos for the people working from home.
The video that one uploads has to be his own. This means that the copy rights should not be violated and the video either has to be self built or purchased before uploading it by the businessman working from home. The second condition is that the video must not contain people who are not asked prior to the upload. This means that if the video has images of people then the up loader has to take permission from them in order to legally upload the video. The third condition for the uploading of a video is that there must not be a content in it that is not suitable for children. While working from home videos with viewer friendly content has to be uploaded.
The businessman working from home can sign up for an account and upload the video after fulfilling the above stated requirements. After the video has been uploaded, the next task is to promote it over social network where more and more people would potentially view it. Facebook and twitter offer just the right platform for this purpose. By simply sharing the link or the URL of the video, the link can be spread over the web for people to see it. And if plenty of people follow the link to view the video then an email alert is sent to the up loader of that video. The content of that email from youtube is an offer to ask the person working from home to share the revenue generated from the video.
By simply filling the revenue sharing form, the up loader of a video can share the revenues from there on with youtube. Many people worldwide are doing it as they consider an easy thing to do. Any person with a camera and some ideas can make some real cash using youtube. Some people are earning up to two hundred thousand dollars an year by working from home using youtube. Several others are earning several thousand working from home using this platform and some creativity in video making and promotion.

Saad Ghafoor