Jan 072013

Some cool blogging for money images:

Busy Desk
blogging for money

Image by Russell Heistuman
This is my messy desk. Nothing inspires to clean and organize better than taking a photo of your desk and posting it online and then blogging about it. russell.heistuman.com/2009/04/are-recessions-always-this-…

Road Trip 2: Jakarta Day 10, Pestablogger!!
blogging for money

Image by mr brown
What a day! And what an enthusiastic crowd. This is media and/or bloggers (which are the same, really) taking our photographs when we were introduced on stage.

We had a panel in the morning with the 1500-strong crowd, then Jeff Ooi and I were in a break-out session on social political blogging.

In between the sessions, I came across a totally rocking band raising money for the blind. They had a roaring crowd of bloggers in the canteen when I walked into the mini concert.

I bought some CDs to support their cause and when lead singer Endah N Rhesa asked me, "Would like to sing with me?", I said sure, and sang My Girl with her and the band.

This is not your regular blogging conference, that’s for sure. It’s living up to its name, Blogger Party.


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