Jan 182013

Dana white UFC on FOX 5 Henderson vs. Diaz vlog day 1 Dana kicks around vegas going to PBR and a Private Everlast show. Ronda Rousey takes a flight with the Thunderbirds. TUF coaches Jones and Sonnen give their fight predictions. Also a behind the scenes look into UFC 154.


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  1. that was supposed to be blatantly obvious? idk if you realised but we’re on the internet, and this is just writing, kinda hard to see if what you write is a joke or sarcastic when there is no hint of it whatsoever

  2. Everlast gordo hijo de mil puta! inmundo! dijiste que le patiabas el culo a Eminem, no te da ni para pajiarte! jajjaja cualquiera yo

  3. hopefully Nick Diaz will make him require surgery again. :P GSP is overrated he wins by stalemating his opponents and Nick fights the way you want to look at Paul Daley so either way its going to be a great fight either they are both going to have a BJJ fight or Nick will keep him up cant wait

  4. 1 for 4

  5. gsp love u babe for mee u are the best of all time …do your best afteeer thiis knee surgery u aare now 1szt welter hmmm whatss next ;D

  6. Chael sucks at predicting fights …

  7. If he has to say it’s a joke, it kills the joke.

  8. Just a typo…relax.

  9. 2:27 Bald blue bozo fuck

  10. What does that even mean? I just stated fact. Dont you like facts? Are you actually Cyborg?

  11. i sensed he was being sarcastic as soon as he said wwe lol everyone knows he was kidding, well the smart ones atleast. and i dont think he was talking in specific to you, so calm your tits too .

  12. I think that doc wanted to suck Condits dick.

  13. Get that shit out of here

  14. hahah ;)  n1

  15. That definitely was a good fight weekend.

  16. Well, thank you for that.

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  18. Im pretty sure YOU dont know what sarcasm is.

    You might want to look up what sarcastic statements look like before you make yourself seem any more stupid.

  19. 3/4, not bad Bones

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  21. Good Lord, you made me laugh big time boy.

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