Jan 242013

Dana White UFC on FX7 Vlog day 1 is a look behind the scenes of UFC 155. Nick the Tooth celebrates in Craig’s office. Dana gets sweated by Boston thugs.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  35 Responses to “Dana White UFC on FX7 vlog day 1”

  1. Reported.

  2. “Calm Down, you Fucking Gangster.”

  3. Nick “El Diablo” Diaz is Mexican lol hypocrite ignorant ass motherfucker, shut the fuck up

  4. omg dude! this is the best Dana vlog ever! thank you! im buying a Nick the tooth shirt now!

  5. I don’t why, but I thought it was cool listening to Bruce Buffer talk without that whole ufc “its time” approach to his voice.

  6. How do U know my personality retard..LOL???

  7. Too bad your personality sucks and you would never be Dana’s buttbuddy.

  8. Hey I would trade spots with that so called bum cause he is Danas best bud & probably got a hell of alot more money then U or me..LMAO!!! So I wouldnt call him a bum dude..LOL!!!

  9. Why the fuck would you want to be known for being a toothless disgusting bum????

  10. For a Dr, Nick looks like one f–ked up crack addict!

  11. this iss the boss of the bosses.

  12. no he’s not

  13. @dbvoaid I know this is the great one video. but check this out for a brand new NFL jersey without anything bit.ly/UQFkaQ?=nktgcv

  14. @dbvoaid I know this is the great one video. but check this out for a brand new NFL jersey without anything bit.ly/UQFkaQ?=nktgcv

  15. speak for yourself.

  16. You all know he is smoking weed right? 

  17. Nick the Tooth will hurt you. 

  18. It must be fun as fuck to work for Dana and the UFC

  19. Thanks for this – I tried a different but similar sponge tutorial but watching it on video makes much more sense, I shall try it this way soon! :)

  20. love the nails and your so pretty!

  21. Omg thank you so much I’ve been trying to research how to do it good but the all came out wrong except for yours! thanks a million

  22. this is stunning !! I have tried ombre before, but could never achieve an effect like this one !

  23. GREAT JOB! Defiantly inspired me

  24. awesome just shared this on my fb page as a friend waned to know how to do them :)

  25. “that’s what she said” Hahahahaha.

  26. I love this

  27. that looks really easy and pretty btw in a girl

  28. 3:06 … “thats what she said” lol

  29. She looks like mandy moore, very pretty.

  30. HAHA thats what she said

  31. Lmaoo : thts what whe said XD

  32. Amy cristini thanks. No I didnt even think to look there. But I just did so thanks!!!

  33. This manicure is so pretty! :D

  34. hi jen i LOVE ur whole website ! i wtch it everyday ! and i am prettygood at nails but notas good as ubut i dont want to make a website coz its to much !

  35. Jasminenlouis they r in the discription!!!!! Can u read it?????