Feb 102013

Working from Home
working from home

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Working from home saves me a couple hours on my commute but comes with its own distractions.

Austin welcomes Work From Home Day
AUSTIN (KXAN) – Austin's Work From Home Day hoped to clear the air Friday by getting more cars off the road in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint — and all while educating the working population about ways to make working remotely simple and …
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Separate work from home to recover from job stress
Washington, February 10 (ANI): Detaching from work-mentally, physically and electronically-is necessary to recover from job stress during nonwork hours, according to a Kansas State University researcher. YoungAh Park, assistant professor of psychology …
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Keep your car off the road for Austin's Work From Home Day on February 8
That's what the Social Good Summit, an initiative of Mashable, hopes to do on Friday, February 8. The citywide "Work from Home (WFH)" Initiative is an effort to get Austinites to pledge to telecommute that day instead of driving their cars — fostering …
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