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This lively RSA Animate, adapted from Dan Pink’s talk at the RSA, illustrates the hidden truths behind what really motivates us at home and in the workplace. www.theRSA.org

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  33 Responses to “RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us”

  1. Its the instinct for survival that motivates us! Animals and many people focus on procreation and offspring to satisfy the instinct for survival. Work is a means to attract a mate and raise children. More pay means the chance to attract a better partner for better families to insure greater chance of genetic immortality. People can also satisfy the instinct of survival by looking for “cultural immortality”. This is what motivates most artists, physicists, pyramid builders, philosophers, etc.

  2. Offering money reward to a seeker of cultural immortality defeats the purpose of the pursuit (sort of like paying for sex which removes all romance). So whether you are a salmon struggling upstream to spawn, or a worker toiling at a job, or a genius searching to unify physics, we are all motivated by the instinctive pursuit of immortality.

  3. He is not haha

    He just wants to mark your mind, to mark it in your spirit !

    And it actually works, I’m sure what he says ˝ loudly ˝ you’ll remember longer ;)

  4. If profit is eliminated, the calculation system breaks down: There is no way to gauge which industries need investment i.e. are economically sustainable and which industries don’t i.e. aren’t economically sustainable. With the profit system, industries that need investment have profit margins. Think of solar panels. Private investors weren’t willing to invest in solar panels because profit margins were too low, the state subsidized them, but as soon as the state subsidy was removed they tanked.

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  6. probably why you get your best ideas when on holiday, you’re mind has a chance to sit back and observe the world. where as at work it’s like a forrest for the trees thing

  7. why did he get soooo mad at 8:12 ??

  8. wonder if his marker will run out

  9. The straight forword incentive works best if you do good then good is given to you

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  11. Weird is a weird word because it doesn’t follow general grammatical rules, such as I before E, which leads it to often be misused or misspelled.

  12. Don’t you see, the video discusses human being’s desire for mastery. This emphasizes this as you state how helpful and insightful it is but still highlight a tiny flaw. Clearly this video is smarter than we all first thought. Or it could just be a mistake. I like to think its the first though. 

  13. I’m confused around 4:00 . I thought they were all given the same task and rewarded according to their performance level. Am I wrong?

  14. i want to have a big company about robots but I think that Im not study enough :( its pretty hard tho i cant imagine how hard sucessful people work

  15. This is so me! The fact I rather spend time creating things and making things rather than worrying about how much money I need for my bills is amazing. For once, I don’t really need a phone, I can find more info on my labtop than my tv that is stuck to the wall socket. My manager is puzzled by the fact that I don’t care how far my hourly wage increases, I just need money. I’m not going to try harder, but I will be expecting to do what I want to CREATE.

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  33. Okay.. I am beginning to understand what is being said in this video; Can you summarize what you are trying to teach here. I was You Tube surfing when I ran across this video; thought the title was interestingly so I decided to watch.