Feb 272013

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  24 Responses to “mr the replyclown blog – VICE FEEDS SHOENICE GLUE !”

  1. Im so jealous of these guys

  2. Great video keep making then

  3. PEWDIE!!!!!!

  4. MAMA

  5. You really do look so cute with no makeup on!

  6. go to Forever 21 Try searching “alice in wonderland” in the search bar

  7. I have the same bing bang theory shirt as you at 0:57!!!!

  8. Your hair is so cool

  9. Papa

  10. Wow, I fangirled so much in this video! Pewds with his hair in bobbles! XD

  11. I frown upon this question. ._.


  13. So which polish did you end up buying?

  14. HAHA love the sarcasm made my day

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  16. No it’s Lady Gaga

  17. i love how when kalel comes in she says, “babe, im home!” its so cute! <3 c:

  18. 2:57 all i see are anthony’s pecs lol :P

  19. you look so adorable w/ no makeup on :3

  20. I cant wait for my trip to NYC now. Going to see le boyfriend in March :)

  21. si.

  22. Is dat pewdiepie?

  23. she just got a lucky YouTube stars

  24. omg, you r so cute <333 and dis was cool video!