Feb 282013

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Yesterday’s Vlog www.youtube.com Welcome to our Everyday Lives! We tied the knot on Aug. 12, 2011. See our Wedding Series here! www.youtube.com On October 18, 2012 we welcomed our little cutie bear, Julianna onto this world! www.youtube.com Google+ plus.google.com Itsjudytime Facebook www.facebook.com Subscribe to our channel for daily real life vlogs www.youtube.com Vlog Camera We Use: amzn.to Video about the Camera’s I Use In My Videos: www.youtube.com Instagram ! itsjudytime web.stagram.com Itsjudytime in Spanish! www.youtube.com Judy’s Twitter www.twitter.com Benji’s Twitter www.twitter.com Judy’s Beauty Channel www.itsjudytime.tv Benji’s Food Channel http Judy’s Blog www.itsjudytime.com BlogTV http *Amazon links are affiliate links house shopping, kohls, target, lorieann, celisse, jaded, janelle, jaxon, curtains, fly, arguing over money, julianna, youtube vlog, it’s judys life, itsjudyslife vlog, judy and benji vlog, video blogging, daily vlog, vlogging, benji, benjimantv, its benjis life, comedy, benji vlog, funny, comedy, newlyweds, married, real life, couple, seattle, relationship, real relationship, life, everyday, reality
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  22 Responses to “Blogging With John Chow Review | Member’s Area Tour”

  1. Yum siopao!!

  2. Hey beautiful Judy’sLife fans!
    After being inspired by the amazing Judy (and Julianna and Benji Bear!), I’ve taken the big scary leap into starting my own channel! I’ve started a FOOD and TRAVEL channel that I hope you guys will enjoy! So if you have a moment, I would totally appreciate if you could take a quick peek over! Thank you and much appreciation in advance!!

  3. Omg Judy! I have your white shirt!

  4. I couldn’t watch anymore after one too many “mmhmmms”. Extremely annoying and not funny at all.

  5. Lol Benjie and his “mmhmms.”

  6. you guys are soo adorable. shout out from London.

  7. benji makes me crack up

  8. aww so cute but why do u wrap the baby so tightly ?

  9. Swaddled my twins, they loved it. Kiss and hug her often :-)

  10. $75 on curtains IS fucking expensive! I’ve bought some nice (energy saving) curtains for $15!


  12. judy i love gold too! and benji gold and pink sounds amazing.

  13. what a massive target

  14. actually that is cheap haha it all depends on where you go.

  15. Curtains are expensive…. he shouldnt be shocked…but he should be shocked that he adjusted his junk when you were filming him. LOL

  16. Curtains are supposed during a lifetime, if they are a good quality i don’t think it’s wrong.. ahah 

  17. Judy trust benjis sense of style he seems to have better taste than you , just saying don’t blow off his ideas and yea $75 for drapes way to much !!!!

  18. Mmmmhhhhmmmm Benji has me laughing me so hard ! I am so doing when I’m wright about something from now on .. To funnay

  19. *Benji (sorry, silly iPad autocorrect)

  20. $75 is not expensive. I agree with Judy. Sorry Bengi

  21. Swaddling helps the baby feel like she’s in the womb, also it helps babies sleep better, they don’t startle so much.

  22. I cant believe that u spent $75 on curtains..