Mar 132013

Start blogging with Google’s Blogger blogging service. Create your first blog within minutes for FREE. Watch more Blogger (Blogspot) help videos: http://www….
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  4 Responses to “Blogger Tutorial: How to Start Blogging with Blogger”

  1. Thanx for replying, I actually figured it out. It was my internet browser, i had to switch to google chrome.

  2. sad to hear that, anyways probably you can solve the problem by clearing browser cache and cookies, that might help!

  3. uh, i have a problem… I’m at stage two. I named my blog and gave it an address. It said it was available. But nothing happens when I click continue. it just sits on the same page. it doesn’t even attempt to load. ugh!!!

  4. thanks for your feedback. Yes, you are right, next time I’ll take care of it.