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“Equipment Free Workouts And Synchronized Diet” – “Burn Ugly Fat From Your Body In Just 21 Minutes A Day And St…

The Godfather Movie Clip – watch all clips click to subscribe Michael (Al Pacino) explains to Kay (Diane Keaton) that h…
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  34 Responses to “10 Minute Ab Workout For Both Women & Men”

  1. Yeah a really cool down workout :) .

  2. Thanks for clip. Will add to my work-out schedule…as a cool down.

  3. looks tough. cant wait to try all these routines

  4. This work out is so great and hard! Thank you :D

  5. wow thank you!

  6. oooooo weeeee!!! best ab routine sooo far! killer workout! keep em coming :) thank yoooou

  7. That sounds awesome! Thanks!!

  8. Glad you like it :)

  9. thanks so much for the workout bonus! this is just what i was looking for to add to my cardio. much appreciated :)

  10. i love you that excersises had been the most effective ones thay=t i have tried

  11. That was awesome! Thanks

  12. yap me 2

  13. Great, glad you like it :) ..and thanks for the kind words.

  14. hard workout… loved it!

  15. I really like this routine

  16. Love this workout, gee I can see how you would burn some calories doing this everyday

  17. Im going to try this today , gud luck to me!

  18. that was awesome. 

  19. this ia amazing

  20. Helps a lot!!

  21. thanks for kind words :)

  22. 1 pure bliss and entertainment

  23. helpful video

  24. This video is AWSOME! 

  25. woah.. is there someone in hollywood suggesting a remake? If so I can only imagine it would involve justin beiber, tom cruise and a dwarf… that’s how they do things these days.

  26. @KarinaBane had Apolonia never died he would have become SuperMan. Kate was too modern and stupid

  27. Only an idiot would think of making a remake of such a much-loved and perfect film, seriously..

  28. Hollywood better not remake this :/

  29. He really knows how to puts the moves on – “That’s all I can tell you about my business.”

  30. I still hate that Micheal married Appolonia Kay was still being faithful and waiting for him

  31. yeah, she’s talking to her soon to be husband…formerly one of those people that kill for them politics.

  32. Al Pacino Is A Great Actor In The Way He Potrayed Michael Corleone Coldness,It Was Just Like A business with kay not love.

  33. One of the countless memorable lines in this masterpiece. ” who’s being naive Kay ” these movies are thought – provoking and brilliant.

  34. this is my favorite movie.