Mar 212013

Some cool blog images:

Premios 20 blogs

Image by jagelado
Entrega de los Premios 20 blogs del diario 20 Minutos, en la Sala Négone, Madrid

Seattle Transit Blog Staff with ORCA cards

Image by Atomic Taco
Seattle Transit Blog Meetup December 15, 2010

Interesting that when I asked for everyone to get out "an ORCA card or other fare media" everyone got out an ORCA card (no U-PASSes).

New blog card featuring new comic!

Image by teemus
Woohoo! Got my second set of blog cards printed today, featuring Mojosaurus, a creation by Ishwar. He drew this one especially for my blog card, inspired by this comic strip. My contact info is on the flip side (doh!).

How much did the cards cost? INR 180 for 150 cards, hee hee.

Follow Mojosaurus here –

My previous blog card featured a gapingvoid comic.


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