Mar 312013

Click the link below to get setup with your New Blog! If you have ever wondered how can you start a blog, thi…


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  3. Hi, I haven’t totally decided on the name yet. I have two old blogs…should I start fresh? New ones would be on 1. silver 2. cat art…I noticed you ask what the names are…you are interested because….? Thanks for your help and for the quick reply! :)

  4. Yes, you can change themes to make your blog/website look different. You can have different blogs on the same domain but it a bit more advanced.. Starting out I would just have different domains for each blog..  What is the name of your new blog?

  5. HI, once the chosen wordpress design is up, it can’t be changed? And, did you say, we can add more than one wordpress blog under the same domain name? (I will watch again)
    Thanks for your efforts! :)

  6. Want to make a website? Visit /watch?v=q3rzV6A8a6E to create a professional website in under 5 minutes.

  7. Hey Phil! Glad you found the video hlepful!.. What is the name of your new blog? Also go here for more vidoes.. my membership site..

  8. Thank you James, l am a bit thick, it may take some time for the info to sink in though. Phil

  9. If your not setup already.. You will need to register with someone. I use Hostgator. Use the link in the description area you save some on your order if you decide to go that route.. Also be sure and let me know you new blog name and also here is a link my membership site with in depth WordPress training.
    You will find great value there

  10. Thanks, appreciate the video and the quick response. So, no need to register domain with anyone else?

  11. Absolutely!! WordPress is perfect for Adsense. Also take a look at this WordPress theme that is specifically designed for Adsense websites.

  12. Hi James, this will allow me to ad google Adsense to my blog? Thanks

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