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Permanent magnet GENERATOR/Home made/bench test hand crank

How to build a Low
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  1. have you considered making them so that a rim & tire could be mounted to it, then mounting them to a vehicle with an elec. motor driven vehicle? i would think you’d have power to spare so much so that you’d have no distance limitations. as long as the vehicle was moving you’d be churning out electricty for the motor and for a battery bank coupled with quick charging cap. banks. just a thought. great job. if i ever come into money i’ll look you up to get get one for a vawt unit i’d like to make.

  2. Magnets 4 less on line.

  3. where did you find those big magnets ?

  4. why the hell would you use a motor to power a generator? you would only lose energy, do you have any idea how stupid that is? thats pretty much saying oh how about i pay a dollar for 2 quarters!

  5. You can see this generator working, powered by a water wheel. Go to glowinglasscreations here on youtube. He is moving and wants to sell the generator for $500.

  6. At last - A no BS PMG being powered by something and not claiming to generate its own power. Great vid. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Like Martin Anderson the foolish liar, the human body cannot create 1500 Watts by hand…

  8. The only video like this I’ve watch where the host isn’t lying to the world. Thank you, there is still hope for YouTube yet in this department.

  9. I sell these for $2000 plus shipping.

  10. what sort of money we looking at for this

  11. i reckon if you designed a small very high output genny stuck it on a shaft,and on the other end stick a normal big genny,use the small high output to power a heavy duty brushless motor to then power the shaft it should work a treat,dont forget brushless motors are controlled by a chip so ya only need low volts on that,and even that can be scavenged by ya genny power in the end,if ya make a decent brushless or purchase one oooeee they go like a mule with a cacti up its ass,

  12. I live in south Alabama. My email addres is markel38 “at” aol “dot” com

  13. I have a generator which is half the size and outputs 110v 13 amps turning by hand not as fast as yours,i think you need to steer away from heavy duty and boost up your configuaration,using a big diameter flywheel magneto is not good you need to keep the fields closer,

  14. I live close to Knoxville, TN. How far are you from there? If we are close enough perhaps we could get together to discuss some stuff.

  15. Good workout too. Put two sugared up 10 yr olds on it.

  16. No that will not work.

  17. can you use a electric moter 10 volts and use it to spin it so I runs it self?

  18. I have an electricity idea and if you are interested please email me mrborba@gmx.com

  19. nice because im tired of paying an electricity bill on my comp. it runs around 450 watts per min

  20. Well you may be starting a new fad. This generator will be way to big for that. Just use a simple battery powered lights

  21. u make my day thanks a lot, can u make that inside a car rim then connect the output to a led light over rim, i just wanna have lights on my rims?

  22. @markp0177 yes they will loose their strength. the electrons realign slowly back to their original state as magnets pass over them. leave two magnets repelling each other stuck together for a couple of days. They will not be as magnetic.

  23. The magnets will not loss their strength when they are next to each other in a circle or stacked. They are at harmony this way. Google it.

  24. It would never get used.

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    Awesome workout anyway.

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