Apr 062013

Waterstones Contents
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Image by kostika
This is the contents of my Waterstones bag on Friday.

It’s the Absolute Sandaman volume 1. The Absolute books are done in
limited printings and once they’re gone they’re gone. I have several
others form other comic series and I love them and they’re very much
worth the money you pay for them, but they usually cost around £50. They
are high quality gloss prints of the originals in the large format.
They’re simply wonderful.

In the case of my Abolute Planetary book I paid about £80 for it as I
had to import it from the US since it was a few months past its print
run and had to buy it from a private seller through Amazon.com.

This is volume 1 of the Sandman books though and is only the first 20
issues. So I expect there to be a couple more volumes. The Absolute
Authority is in 2 volumes also though. I expect there to be a second
volume of Planetary also eventually.

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