Apr 162013

Living Abroad: My Experience (Work/Study/Travel)

All about my experiences living, working, and studying abroad (away from home.) I am on the Internetz. Join me? http://www.misschievous.tv http://twitter.com…
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This episode of PRODIGIES takes you inside the gritty, adrenaline-fueled world of youth boxing and martial arts. Meet Reshat Mati, known as the Albanian bear…


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  1. thank you very much :)

  2. Thank you so much! You really inspire me to get out there && go for my dream :)

  3. People YES try to live abroad, or better, first travel a little…
    BUT know some facts, because it really is much more painful than you might think.
    I know what I’m talking about. There are both good times and even worse dependent where you go, the culture, the people, etc. Take it from me.
    Please check under signature-name here on YouTube & valuable insight under Ove Fn Dittlevson on Amazon for FREE or lesser than a latte BEFORE taking such an impact decision.
    This IS a life-change decision

  4. I totally get where you come from, and I can help yo:-)
    You really have to do some research BEFORE though, because sometimes when we focus so much on what to change and move forward we actually burn all our bridges behind, valuable relations, and take it from me you can have both.

    Help is based on psychology and personal long-life experience. I also started at18. Check under my signature-name here or FREE library reads or lesser than a latte on Amazon.
    This is a good start:-)

  5. If you’ve already been accepted, see if you can defer for a year, that way your spot is secured. The Ivy Leagues will still be there in a year or two from now, but your dreams might fade. Do what YOU want, but don’t entirely forget about your future either. :)

  6. Julia,
    I want to do exactly what you did when you were 18, but I’m afraid of how my family will react. I’m supposed to be attending an Ivy League college. But I have dreamed of travelling for a long time, I have enough money and don’t want to pass up this experience to go while I, like you said, have no responsibilities. Do you have any advice? Thanks so much! <3

  7. That’s so true about learning a new language. My husband runs and restaurant in the US and learned Spanish from his employees who spoke very little English. Every year we go to Mexico and everyone he talks to wants to know how he learned Spanish and are very impressed. It has really helped him in his job! Thanks for your great video!!

  8. Very realistic advice.

  9. She’s Canadian & Swiss. (Dual Citizenship) She has a video including that info on this channel. I think it was her 1st video in this channel. =-)

  10. She is Canadian. Vancouver is where she lived. She has a video on this channel about that.

  11. Whats your ethnicity? Thanks.

  12. you’re an idiot, and you don’t know anything about life.

  13. what did you do “after” the hotel? you mentioned it was seasonal. did you go to college in Switzerland? and then get a job? and also i was wondering what it is that you do now? i must say, you have a good head on your shoulders and should be commended for what you’ve accomplished..i’m sure your parents are very proud!

    you helped me make my decision!!

  15. I never had opportunity to travel, i kind of regret that. I think everybody should! This is such a great video and i hope that this works as that extra push for younger people to just do it and go and see the world.

  16. Don’t worry ! Turn to JESUS CHRIST ! He will give you the things that you are looking for, that you really need ! Seek Jesus Christ now and Get Saved

  17. Thank you so much for your reply! I’ll definitely have to try it at some time because, like you said, I’ll regret it if I don’t :) )

  18. it will be all right ! i am french and i spend my 2 last years in london as au paire and nanny.i had a really bad level i had some hard time but at the end it was the best periode of all my life and i just miss london a lot i made some great friends there!and now i have a nice level.so just go and don’t think too much!it is the best experience you can have on your life and in case of it is too hard you can back for holliday to see your familly . just try it because after you will regret it!x

  19. I’m starting a channel for tips on a semester abroad, travelling and studying Law [Or anything else!!!]

  20. I’m starting a channel for tips on a semester abroad, travelling and studying Law [Or anything else!!!]

  21. This has scared me out of going abroad haha, I planned to go to Germany for a year to learn German at some point in my life just because I really, really want to but I’m scared in case I never actually become fluent enough and then I’m just surrounded by people that I can’t understand.

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  23. fighting is not wasting time. It’s as rigurous as any other thought provoking activity.

    Some people are meant to fight, some are meant to read, some are meant to write and others to speak.
    If he’s motivated, let him go through it as much as he wants to. Never hold back someone’s dream, as much as you might consider it being a “waste of time”

    gtfo kids.

  25. I will distroy him in fight ! i Know Karate WSKF ! i have Black belt .

  26. You children need to stop hating on this kid because I dont care what size you are at his age he would drop you. There is a difference between someone who thinks they can fight and someone trained. He is average size as well, hes only 13. Yes people he’s Albanian but he technically represents the USA.

  27. so what? He will still kick your ass.


  29. hahaha im 13 and im 6’1 and and i just turned 13

  30. Ill beat his ass

  31. stfu

  32. im 12 yrs and im 5’5

  33. first off your not going to go out and beat him up you’ll need to fight a while i went to mma and then we did trampoline fights at party with the smart alicks and we could pound um thinking they would pound us i would kick they woud catch it i would do a drop around and knocked him out of the trampaline’

  34. We live in the 20th century? Whats it like in the 1900s at the moment? :D

  35. This guy is cool

  36. Danm

  37. 1:35….you call those push-ups? c’mon man. ;)

  38. yeah but he kick your ass bro

  39. LOL…103 lbs…i used to weigh that much when i was 11…now im 13 years…5,4 tall and 128 lbs…im sure he fights smaller than him…and world 1 in kickboxing???…i go as well to kickboxing in danmark but why i never heard of him? =D

  40. ill beat his ass

  41. not really average , i just turned 14 and im 5’7 and im average height , atleast in my country

  42. lol , im 12 year old and 1,74-5 meters (close to 6 foot) and he is 5’2 lol

  43. go albania goooooooooo

  44. And u are 13 yrs old, 5″2 tall and weights around 110lbs?

  45. im 5,8 and 14 and i could beat the crap out of him by just dissing off his mum