Apr 222013

Governments from Brazil to Bosnia have launched massive microfinance programs, and commercial banks like ABN AMRO, HSBC and Citicorp are rushing down-market,…


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  1. Als toeristen 4000 Euro aan een vakantie uitgeven dan kan er ook nog wel 200 voor naaimachine of marktkraampje af.Nee toeristen wordt geleerd om af te dingen omdat ze anders te veel betalen.Het zijn ook zelf de zelfde mensen die ouwehoeren dat het geld niet vaak op de plaats van bestemming komt.heel de dag kunnen ze op internet met elkaar bekvechten .maar met internet kun je als je wilt nog het geld volgen naar zijn eind doel en later zien of het geholpen heeft Wel eens van GWK gehoord. Gr. Ted.

  2. Translations –

    The woman says in Telgu: “due to some problems we took the loan and my husband set up a bangle store and I do the stitching business from home, due to this we are able to live normal life and pay school fees for our children to have a decent education”

    The Man says in Hindu: “We never allow our wives to work here. They are allowed to work at home. They prepare all that is required at home and we then manage the business.”

  3. micro finance is mainly becoming an indirect way for the alleviating poverty.its providing funds and also asking for more interest which indeed making people poor because the village lenders ask for more than that.

  4. I think it is more of an indirect way of alleviating poverty. It might not help you eradicate poverty in the short term, but by providing them with the capital necessary for long term investments you are ensuring that their living standards are increased.
    What is sad is that MFIs are charging such a large interest rate. It kind of makes a bad replacement for the local moneylenders in the rural areas.

  5. better than oxfam, save the children and all those other scams.

  6. Echoing the request for English subtitles

  7. Zidisha.org provides the LOWEST interest rates in the world. (8.9% avg) compared to the average 40%. The best thing is that it is 100% transparent. It’s a tool to create EMPOWERMENT. Instead of giving money to consumption, or having foreigners receive wages for the work we directly empower the poor. This is shown by the HUNDREDS waiting for fair interest rates.

  8. micro lending does work, especially for immigrant entrepreneurs in the U.S., who often times have no credit history at all.

  9. microfinance.gife the monney.Pay Back????Watt The FFFFFFFK..!!!!!

  10. MF was not supposed to eradicate poverty. It’s just one tool out of many to get exponential growth into an economy in the first place. Without even small loans or investments, growth is linear.

  11. this video was awesome…. an i was vry much impressed by dis…. the admin who has uploaded dis video can plz sen me the documentation of this project……… my id is sunaina.sunnudr@gmail.com

  12. good video … I did an internship with organisation called VSSU near calcutta, India

    one of best things I ever did.

  13. great talent .. very entertaining .. thanks

  14. english subtitles for non english speaking parts please, but very informative thankyou :)

  15. Micro financing has its evils too. The systems of exploitation should be pulled out like weeds right now before the vines take shape. If the stories of women like Latifa become more the norm than exception than this actually does more harm than good.

  16. I agree. It’s hit or miss. I feel that this video shows us different points of view on MF and not just one solid over-commercialized view.

  17. Micro Financing is not a new idea in its principals it just has been given a new name. It is advertised now for a reason and that reason is doubtfully to help the poor. Its a trend that is easy to pick up if you look at the history of capitalistic oriented markets. Highlight example look at Suprime, this is A subprime. The only problem I admitedly have is this distorted view that people have of Financing oh I mean MicroFinacing.

  18. So, microfinance encourages entrepreneurship and competition between businesses to provide a better product. And that’s a disadvantage?
    Consider; It would take a person in the third world who knows how long to earn the capital it takes to start a small business doing factory work, if they ever earn enough at all. Whereas, with a microfinance loan it would be almost instant. It’s more expediency than anything else.

  19. Yes, it works. you will see how, in this soon to be released documentary:

    Mary Aloe Producer to executive produce Obama Documentary about his mother (a micro finance pioneer) with prestigious director Charles Burnett.