Apr 272013

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  39 Responses to “EXPLOSIVE Leg Workout! – Six Pack Shortcuts”

  1. may i ask how burn my fat in my butt ?

  2. You’re one of the few workout instructors on YouTube that actually knows what they’re talking about and can keep my attention while explaining it.

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  5. You should better change your camera man

  6. love shouler day, hate leg day :)

    each to his own

  7. Shoulder day is the worst day, leg day is cool

  8. This may sound racist but mike looks like a black asian

  9. omg i can feel the burn just watching it lmao and leg day is honestly my fav i love that feeling you get when you cant even take a shit cuz ur legs hurt so much…fuckin love it…great workout keep it up man

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  11. You look like action man in your thumbnail

  12. my legs hurt… :D

  13. High Knees works on your calves…

  14. working legs does not release testosterone. thats just bro science

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  18. Cellulite exercise demo please…………

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  22. Really helpful video! Thank you!! :) )

  23. i was totally watchin this to tone n strengthen but when she had the one leg up n her back down on the floor.. ok i lost it. i couldn’t pay attention no more. she’s nice.

  24. push up really hard to me :(


  26. she hannlin ShowTime619 said it YouTube me

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  29. destorm i know u hit that g

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  31. dem hairy armpits o.o

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  39. i been doing this workout for the past two weeks every morning before i go to work and already i see results. thanks.