Apr 292013


SILVER CROSS, the leading North American healthcare retail franchise that buys, sells and trades accessibility and mobility equipment, is offering a new Ability Achievement Scholarship for physically challenged college/university students throughout Canada and the United States.

The SILVER CROSS Scholarship is offered to full-time students who use a manual wheelchair, power wheelchair or mobility scooter while attending classes. The $ 3,000 scholarship will be awarded to one student in each country for tuition and books, or any other education-related expense they incur.

Recent reports show that the average student debt has tripled over the past two decades to more than $ 25,000, said Bob Harvey, CEO and founder of SILVER CROSS. Its more important than ever for students to find alternative ways to pay for their education. We understand the unique needs of people with disabilities and other physical limitation challenges in an academic environment and are willing to help them any way we can. We are proud to offer the opportunity to replace some of their debt money with scholarship funds.

Participating students are asked to write an essay answering the following questions: What goals have you set for your career and future life and what is your source of inspiration to conquer your perceived challenges in achieving these goals? The program is open to all students in Canada and the United States that are currently enrolled and in good standing with an undergraduate or graduate program. Requirements for the scholarship include a 3.0 GPA and the use of a mobility device (wheelchair or scooter) and a citizen of either Canada or the United States. These requirements are to ensure that the scholarship will be given to a driven student with genuine need. The deadline for students to submit their applications is December 31, 2013. To submit an application, participants can log on to http://www.silvercross.com/scholarship.html.

In addition to the Ability Achievement Scholarship, SILVER CROSS also offers financing and funding information for those in need of their healthcare products.

SILVER CROSS is a leading supplier and distributor of home accessibility products, including wheelchair lifts, stair lifts, residential elevators, and other mobility products. The company focuses on providing superior, long-term customer service by helping families through the process, educating them on the variety of solutions available that best fit their needs and making sure their loved one understands how to use the equipment purchased. As a customers condition evolves and changes, SILVER CROSS will buy back or trade equipment, as long as the product is in good working condition and a current model.

For more information about the SILVER CROSS Ability Achievement Scholarship, visit http://www.silvercross.com/scholarship.htm l or http://www.silvercross.com/blog/silver-cross-scholarship-program/.



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