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Greenville, SC (PRWEB) May 03, 2013

Layne Publications, a website offering an awesome collection of bluegrass tabs, is now the number one online music learning resource for the young generation of bluegrass music lovers. The collection of tabs for guitar, banjo and mandolin available at Layne Publications can’t be matched by any similar website. This website has offered an excellent opportunity for aspiring musicians to master the techniques of playing with bluegrass band from the comfort of home.

Layne Publications was founded in 2005 by Jordan Layne Bourland, a prolific bluegrass musician with glorious past behind him. He created this website to pass on his knowledge and experience to the youngsters who are looking to learn different intricate aspects of bluegrass music. Discussing his long term goal, Jordan says,” I remember how difficult my life was as a student of bluegrass music. I want to help today’s students with whatever I have to offer them.”

Jordan’s hard work and dedication has been the biggest reason behind the success of Layne Publications. All the mandolin, guitar, and banjo tabs available in the website are composed by Jordan with the utmost care. He makes all efforts to create tabs that provides his students an experience similar to playing with a bluegrass band.

About Layne Publications

Since 2005 Layne Publications has been the premier source for Bluegrass Instruction and learning. They have sold thousands of tabs and helped thousands of players improve their ability in the comfort of their own home. Students can then take this new skill out to their local bluegrass jam session or to the next practice with their band and show off what they’ve learned. It gives them the chance to practice things at home without the pressure of getting it right the first time. They can stop, rewind and continue going over that trouble spot without the bass player standing there giving them the evil eye because it wants to move on to the next song.

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