May 042013

'Money Has to Find a Home,' Pro Says
"Today's number, particularly when you look at the revisions, make me feel a lot more calmer," he said. "And ultimately, I'm saying, well, money has to find a home, and stocks look pretty good." The U.S. economy added 165,000 new positions in April …

At spring Centro Hispano festival, York community welcomes a new member
"There're a lot of people who can't find jobs," she said. "They aren't used to making money on their own so I'm here to show them how they can start their own business out of their home. There are ways to make extra money. You just have to look around …
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Zero Manufacturing Jobs Added. Zero. – Truthout
Repeal this deferral and make them bring that money home now and stop moving profit centers out of the country from now on. Other tax policies that would help: Section 199 Domestic Production Deduction; Accelerated Cost Recovery; Depletion Allowances; …
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