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FORT LEE, NJ (PRWEB) May 08, 2013

One of the greatest joys of spring is planning the seasons first barbecue. In the latest blog from the website titled “Host a Gourmet Backyard Burger Bash to Remember”, guest blogger Liz Ernst suggests that readers do something different to launch the summer cookout season.

Make the first cookout of the season a memorable one by giving it a real gourmet twist, Ernst says. Dont limit your barbecue to the boring standard burger, hot dog and chicken spread, at least for the season’s inaugural barbecue spread. Instead let’s build on a gourmet approach and see how delightful we can get.

The gourmet concept that is the blogs focus still maintains a down-home image; dubbed the Burger Bash BBQ, this themed cookout involves a variety of classic favorites and an invitation to friends and family to bring their own creative touches to build their own perfect burgers and share culinary preferences.

The blog encourages the host to gather a selection of ground meats that include the classic staples ground beef, chicken and sausageand add ground pork, turkey, venison, buffalo and other exotic or gourmet meats to the menu. Certain meats may require special ingredients such as herbs or binding agents (egg and bread crumbs for instance) the blog cautions, so planners may need to do some homework.

Once the meat selection is sorted, Ernst suggests a variety of bun and bread options that challenge guests to try something new.

Stack up some onion rolls, Kaiser rolls, pumpernickel rolls, sourdough rolls, etc., and always include the classic white hamburger buns that come in eight-packs, for those old school die-hards, she says. You want all your guests to enjoy their burgers, after all.

Ernst also reminds readers to make sure to have a great selection of fresh veggies, onions, peppers, leafy greens and other garnishes on hand, as well as a variety of dressings and condiments.

The goal is to put creativity to work and launch the barbecue season with a backyard burger bash to remember.

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