May 272013

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10/9 LA Times
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A Pretty Ugly Day…. we’re in for a deep and long recession, something we’ve not seen in three decades. Before market opens, Paulson signals US may invest in lenders as part of 0 billion rescue; Bernake, Paulson seek global help as credit crisis defeats US efforts. Global markets lurch in crisis. Can a unified approach to fighting the world financial crisis be reached?U.S. action so far is unprecedented in scale since the Great Depression. In the past five weeks alone, the government has taken over mortgage-finance firms Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, rescued insurer American International Group Inc., backed the deposits of money-market funds and authorized a 0 billion bank rescue program.
Bailout now called: 0 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program.

The problem has now morphed from a U.S. housing recession into a global financial meltdown. UK calls it a Bailout Plan.

Credit markets had stalled Tuesday and Wednesday. Stock prices in the United States went on a roller-coaster ride, at the end of which the Dow Jones industrial average was down 189 points, or 2 percent.

It becomes official: US is in a recession

trillion in global stock-market losses on October 6 and 7
The National Debt clock in New York reached its limits last month as the national debt exceeded trillion for the first time, the clock ran out of digits to record the number.

This is Part II of the Media Study on the US Financial Crisis, a study that started with Part I at the end of September.

Part I of the Media Study is at
Blogging on the subject starts with
Bigge$ st Cri$ i$ and Media–


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