Jun 062013

working from home
work from home

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another quiet day, another day too grey to go and play outside. anyway, i decided to ease back into work gently this year by working from home. look at how exciting my day has been!

although, of course, the advantages of working from home include ready access to a wide variety of snacks, and hearing the reassuring schlomp of the wine cork at 5:30 :)

The Hawthorne home in SLO is a living work of art
WINSOME WALLS A mural doesn't have to be largescale. Hawthorne creates murals of all sizes, including designs that fit in small spaces such as above windows and niches. Murals are a wonderful way to commemorate your family history, your community or …
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New program helps military spouses work from home
Discover Bank's Work-at-Home program is providing jobs to military personnel, spouses and others while a member of the household is on active military duty. The program allows employees to work out of their homes while serving the customer's needs to …
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How to Work at Top Performance From Home
The mobile revolution has turned telecommuting on its ear. It used to be a concession for a business to allow employees to work from home — it meant reduced collaboration and often lower productivity. Now, anytime-anywhere messaging systems that …
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