Jun 082013

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Mr. Money Mustache discussing how to build a cult following for your blog at FINCON12.

Reducing Food Waste is Money in the Pocket and Food on the Table for Families
Nevertheless, throwing money in the garbage is what many of us do regularly when it comes to food. In 2008 the amount of uneaten food in homes and restaurants was valued at roughly $ 390 per U.S. consumer – more than an average month's worth of food …
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Payday loans: cute and cuddly tricks can't disguise outrageous APRs
Speedy Roo is the cuddly marsupial face of Speedy Cash (APR 1,410%), and he has a blog where we can get to know him (it tells us that he "bounces into the offices around 10am, where he spends time catching up with employees and preparing for events …
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Blizzard donates money from Diablo III glitch to charity
Diablo III (Credit: Blizzard)Blizzard Entertainment is turning a potential PR disaster into a PR coup. Last week, the developer discovered a programming bug that let players of the blockbuster role-playing game Diablo III duplicate their in-game gold …
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