Jun 102013

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Wilton voters approve home upkeep ordinance
One resident said Monday that she felt the downtown had deteriorated during her time as a resident and felt most of the upkeep did not require much money, just time and effort. "It doesn't take a lot of money to make a residence look presentable," she …
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When Bailouts Make Moral and Economic Sense
They can keep the economy stronger, spare the hardship of lost jobs, and earn money for taxpayers. The moral reaction, often manipulated to political advantage, hinders such repair work and prolongs the suffering. The government can respond by …
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Can a Home Inspection Improve Your Chances of a Sale?
More now than ever, home buyers are feeling the need to be 100% assured that it is a good investment, for exactly the reasons we've covered already. It needs to make perfect financial sense or they are at the risk of losing more than just money. Home …
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