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Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) June 07, 2013

SellMyRVToday.com implements the new Applications RVers Love campaign. The campaign will feature one hot, new application recommended by RVers each month on the Sell My RV blog (accessible through the company website and featuring a wide array of articles on RV related topics).

Gerard Pedata of SellMyRVToday.com said, Even RVers who were never big on keeping up with technology often stay right on top of the newest releases of new smart phone and tablet products because they offer access to so many extremely affordable and helpful tools in such a small package.

Benefits of Downloading/Purchasing Applications on Smart Phones and/or Tablets:

1. Many RVers are on a budget. Turning to applications can save them money. For example, being able to access a free mapping application on their phone means being able to spend more money on actual travel rather than the purchase of GPS devices or emergency vehicle location services, etc.

2. Applications are extremely handy to many RVers as they provide access to tools, entertainment, communication platforms, organizational tools, data storage, travel planning programs, etc. Theres an application for everything. Homeschooling in the RV? Theres an app for that. RV cooking? Theres an app for that. Ghost stories around the campfire? Theres an app for that.

3. Applications are all downloaded and stored for easy access on the users mobile device. Since mobile devices are, of necessity, very small, they take up little to no room in the recreational vehicle. Its a space saver for those who utilize it correctly. Books, movies, TV shows and music can be downloaded directly to a mobile device or streamed directly from online sources through a mobile device when Internet is available.

RVers who havent yet embraced the possibilities offered by the ever-increasing number of helpful applications will find the Applications RVers Love features extremely helpful. The monthly application recommendations will provide them with access to basic features/descriptions, price ranges, similar programs (when appropriate), reviews, advantages and disadvantages, etc.

SellMyRVToday.com is a website run by one of the largest RV buyers in the country devoted to one thing: purchasing used RVs quickly and efficiently. SellMyRVToday.com is not just another of the many consignment RV dealers; theyre professional RV buyers specializing in buying late model recreational vehicles and motorhomes including: Class A, Class B, Class C, Dieselpushers, etc.

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