Jul 172013

http://www.momthink.com Hilary Rosen and Bill Maher have attacked stay at home moms like Ann Romney. Author Del-Metri Williams talks about her book “As a Mom…

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  21 Responses to “Can moms have it all? Working Moms vs. Stay at home Moms”

  1. i’m on day 2 and it kills while doing the workout but when i finish i can barely feel any pain in my abs…am i doing it right? :/

  2. thanks :D !
    but , the abs that comes out wont be 6 pack right ? >: i really dont want a six pack!

  3. So you have to do this workout everyday for 10 days?

  4. it kills for the first 3 days but than gets easier and the pain goes. On day 4 will post after 10 days

  5. How much can I expect to lose in these 10 days?

  6. Do you have to be like skinny/abs to do these ?

  7. Day 5 and it’s already gotten so much easier!

  8. Just Once or Twice a day.

  9. Can i ask you question how many times we should do this?!

  10. Yes. This exercise also works for men.

  11. Will it work for men?

  12. Twice a day (Once in the morning & Once in The evening). Yeah, You can do it, You will see faster results. But You should definitely not work out your abs every day. Your belly needs time to recover from the workout and come back stronger & flatter than before. You should alternate your exercise routine for everyday. Example: In the first day you do this ab workouts and the next day you do the cardio exercises (Jogging, Running, Jumping Rope). And have a proper diet plan. (Healthy Eating)

  13. Yay finnaly i got a flat tummy :3 but im not fat im just doing these exercises to keep my body safe i had little fat so know i got a flat tummy i were 45 and know i am 40 :3 i age 12

  14. if I did this twice a day rather than once, will I see results quicker?

  15. Good Jobs! Lauren. Having a good diet plan (foods) and drink plenty of water (properly) will help you get results (2X) Faster.

  16. Is it enough if we do the excercise for 10 minz??

  17. Day 8; lost 7 pounds!! My abs are stronger and my stomach is noticeably flatter! Gonna keep going past the 10 day mark!

  18. Can peoplr just say it worked!!!

  19. Just finished day two – my stomach was sore in the morning, but powered through!

  20. Did anyone not feel sorness after day one or the morning after day 2? I did day 1 yesterday and I dont feel sore at all today :/

  21. Does it work :( so hard for me