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(PRWEB) August 31, 2013

Online Insurance Marketplace has released a blog explaining the benefits of life insurance for people who want to cover the costs of their grandchildrens college tuition!

If one wants to plan better the fate of the beloved family before one dies, he or she should purchase life insurance for people over 60.

When reaching retirement age, many people have grandchildren and they should probably think about entitle them as beneficiaries of the policy. This will help a lot the younger relatives. Life insurance can cover the costs for the grandchildrens college tuition.

Education is vital for the development of any person and any caring parent wants to send its children to the best schools and colleges. But this involves considerable financial sacrifices.

Paying for education taxes is something that can quickly drain the budget of a family. Any additional help will be greatly appreciated. Ones life insurance can be one of the sources that can finance the education of ones beloved kin.

All they need to do is to find an insurer able to provide senior life insurance and negotiate more with this carrier. The policyholder decides how much of the policy cost will be used for funeral expenses or to pay any debt left behind.

People should not neglect their spouses and consider providing a generous part in order to make them able to pay for all daily expenses.

Online Insurance Marketplace is an online provider of life, home, health, and auto insurance quotes. It is unique in that this website does not simply stick to one kind of insurance carrier, but brings the clients the best deals from many different online insurance carriers. This way, clients have offers from multiple carriers all in one place, this website. On this site, customers have access to quotes for insurance plans from various agencies, such as local or nationwide agencies, brand names insurance companies, etc.

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Aug 282013

Sell It Online 2: How to Make Money with Your Own Website, Blog, Kindle Book, or by Coaching &Training

Sell It Online 2: How to Make Money with Your Own Website, Blog, Kindle Book, or by Coaching &Training

 Do you want to make money online, without all of the hassle of selling on eBay or Amazon?

Hey everybody, Nick Vulich here. My last book Sell It Online enjoyed a really good run on Kindle, and did a great job helping thousands of people figure out how to make money selling products and services online.

But, a lot of people I talked with about that book said they didn’t want to sell online. They were interested in other ways of making money, where you didn’t have to mortgage your s

List Price: $ 12.99


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Aug 272013

A few nice blogging images I found:

Pagan Values Blogging Month

Image by AlyssssylA
June 2011 is the 3rd Annual Pagan Values Blogging Month, a great project that aims to get pagans of all stripes to be both thoughtful and vocal about the things they care most about. My personal value s are inspired and informed by my dual identity as both pagan and Quaker. I see the core of my values as a two sided coin with relationships on one side and self actualization on the other. The interaction of these two forces creates a motion that we physical beings live within, a motion and a force that does the work of building, rebuilding and healing our world.

Read the rest of my post here:…

Live Blogging Back

Image by planetc1
Lisa Barone shows that live blogging can really put a crimp in your spine.

Business Blogging Bogged Down

Image by Ross Mayfield
eMarketer used the Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki as a source to compare against Jupiter Research’s projections that 34% have a corporate blog and 35% plan to have one this year.

Ah, statistics

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Aug 242013

Check out these blog images:

Photo 235/365: My favorite blog #edugood @rmbyrne

Image by buistbunch
I find helpful tips, new websites, apps, inspiration daily on Richard’s blog. Thanks for doing what you do.

keymi oeil place gaillard tramway

Image by coincoyote

Oeil doux regard…
tu nous transperces depuis plusieurs semaines…
Que vas-tu nous apprendre à voir ?

Que veux-tu nous rappeller au fil de nos rencontres ?
Tu fais déjà partie de nos coups de coeur…
Que tes égards réveillent l’invisible de la rue…

Retrouvez KEYMI et sa série Tramway, couvrant les plots du chantier sur toute la ville de Clermont-Ferrand

Coincoyote le blog Auvergne "L’Autre Pays du Fromage" Poetry, sounds and more from french volcanoes


Soft eye glance… you have transpierced us for several weeks…
What will you learn how to us to see?

What do you want to us rappeller with the wire of our meetings?
You form already part of our blows of heart…
That your regards awake invisible street…

Find KEYMI and its Tramway series,
covering the studs of the building site
on all the town of Clermont-Ferrand (Auvergne – France)
cOincOyOte’s weblog Auvergne


Image by robinidv

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