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Republican tactics lead to deminished wages for American middle class – American income gap grows
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HARVARD STUDY – unions decline linked to general wage decline in America

Abstract: From 1973 to 2007, private sector union membership in the United States
declined from 34 to 8 percent for men and from 16 to 6 percent among
women. Inequality in hourly wages increased by over 40 percent in this
period. We report a decomposition, relating rising inequality to the shrinking
weight of the union wage distribution. We also argue that unions
helped institutionalize norms of equity reducing the dispersion of nonunion
wages in highly unionized regions and industries. Accounting for the effect
of unions on union and nonunion wages suggests that the decline of
organized labor explains a fifth to a third of the growth in inequality—an
effect comparable to the growing stratification of wages by education.


Study: Decline in Unions A Leading Factor in Income Inequality

Major Study Links Decline of Unions to Rising of Income Inequality …

Tuesday in Wisconsin the culmination of a year of political drama

Rachel Maddow reviews the events that led up to the Wisconsin recall election, the political conditions that allowed Scott Walker to avoid being recalled and wonders what the ramifications will be given Walker’s newly elevated status.


The greatest threat to America is the growing wealth gap

WHY DO REPUBLICANS WAR ON THE LABOR UNIONS? – It’s about power and control.
It’s the Republicans plan to power. Citizens United was passed by right wing activist judges (Justices Thomas and Scalia) to allow funding to the Republican party. Labor Unions are major Democratic funders so it makes tactical sense cut that funding off by decimating the labor movement in your thirst to control America – even if you harm your own citizens and countrymen. Republicans cannot win with their ideas – they have to resort to logistical moves like these, and voter suppression, to win political power… all of which you will see more of in the 2012 elections as our systems falls to corruption and democracy withers.

Killing the unions is what Republicans want to do in every State in the Union and at every level. Republicans understand this is a way they can win political control of the country not just now… not just in this election cycle… but forever.

Republicans will stop at nothing to be in power even it if means attacking American citizens.

As go unions, so goes the Democratic Party

Rachel Maddow explains that unions make up the Democratic Party’s political base, so if the Republican Party can destroy them, Democrats will be unable to compete in terms of campaign spending.

6 out of 10 of the major campaign spending groups, in the 2010 election, backed the Republican Party and were Corporate backed groups – The only major spenders on behalf of Democrats that year were unions. Corporate political spending outspent union spending 25 to 1, but unions were better at the ground game. Much to the pleasure of Republicans and corporate management, private sector union membership has been declining over the years, so Republican are using their 2010 gains to go after the much larger Private sector unions. They want to cut off the support to the Democrats (the party that represents the American worker) and also weaken the labor movement for their overlords, the corporations, CEO’s and management.

Poll: Americans Believe GOP sabotaging economy to hurt Obama

A new poll shows 49 percent of Americans say Republicans are intentionally stalling efforts to jumpstart the economy to ensure President Obama is not reelected. Norm Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute, and Thomas Mann of the Brookings Institution talk with Michael Eric Dyson.


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TWITTER UNIONS:!/unionsorg


Group Requests DOJ To Investigate Scalia and Thomas Involvement With Koch Corporate Fundraisers

October, ThinkProgress published a memo from Koch Industries detailing a secret meeting in June of 2010 organized by David and Charles Koch. The event brought together executives from Wall Street, the oil industry, and other large companies along with officials from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Glenn Beck, and longtime political operatives like Eric O’Keefe, who organized a network of Tea Party-planning groups. Our post focused on how these individuals met to take advantage of the Citizens United decision and coordinate the funding of fronts used to help elect Republicans in the midterms. The memo we published also revealed that Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia were featured speakers at previous Koch fundraisers.

Good government advocacy group:

Projection in San Francisco for What is 230? GM Volt ad campaign promoting a August 11 press conference
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Image by Steve Rhodes
A press conference?

(the site features flickr photos, has a link to post #whatis230 to twitter and a facebook group which currently has only 370 members and 50 wall posts – if they knew what they were doing it would have been a fan page)

Ad Age article on the GM Volt site

It says info will be available Tuesday morning at

There was a similar projection on Market St

A blog

And the message wasn’t even clear. It was supposed to be what is 230?

But I didn’t read it that way. I found the site by typing 23 Plug 8-11 into google.

The smiley faced plug doesn’t read as a zero to me.

At least google made some (taxpayer) money on it since I clicked on GM’s sponsored link.


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