Aug 272013

A few nice blogging images I found:

Pagan Values Blogging Month

Image by AlyssssylA
June 2011 is the 3rd Annual Pagan Values Blogging Month, a great project that aims to get pagans of all stripes to be both thoughtful and vocal about the things they care most about. My personal value s are inspired and informed by my dual identity as both pagan and Quaker. I see the core of my values as a two sided coin with relationships on one side and self actualization on the other. The interaction of these two forces creates a motion that we physical beings live within, a motion and a force that does the work of building, rebuilding and healing our world.

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Live Blogging Back

Image by planetc1
Lisa Barone shows that live blogging can really put a crimp in your spine.

Business Blogging Bogged Down

Image by Ross Mayfield
eMarketer used the Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki as a source to compare against Jupiter Research’s projections that 34% have a corporate blog and 35% plan to have one this year.

Ah, statistics


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