Oct 302013

http://prestonpilgrim.topearnermoneysecret.com – can you make money blogging and how does blogging work? What blogging is? 0:01 the beginning of the video called “can you make money blogging”…

Get started making money with a blog – http://Logicblogger.com/?src=yt-blogging How to make money with a blog with very part time blogging efforts is somethi…


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  1. How did you find out working from home that way? It sounds awesome, but Passive Profit Pitch changed my luck. When I found it I begun making money from the internet within 60 days. Just google the words Passive Profit Pitch… its pretty sweet :) .

  2. cool

  3. I like this video. There are so many of ways to earn cash online. Clouded Cash Cow is making my mum well over $1,750 every week for the past 2 years. Discover how you can too. Search Google for Clouded Cash Cow :)

  4. yah it is!

  5. Shawn.. great question… Yes, it has good domain authority, but you are subject to their TOS and it states that you are not supposed to use their platform for commercial purposes. They really don’t like affiliate marketers, or anyone trying to promote anything for that matter. Also, you don’t own the content you post there… they can simply close your account and delete your content without warning. That goes for all free blog platforms. ..not smart business :)

  6. WordPress(dot)org is ranked 60, 200 ranks higher? wouldnt wordpress get more domain.

  7. Mark, you are very welcome :) ))

  8. Ow :( (( But Thanks For That Info :) ))

  9. Mark… technically you need to be at least 18 to enter into an affiliate agreement. You can always get your parents on board and build it with them. We have a 12 year old doing exactly that.

  10. Hi , I’m 14 . Can I Also earn money online at my age ?

  11. Hey Brian, it entirely depends on the strategy you’re going to use, but you can start getting paid traffic for as little as $40-$100. However, I recommend that you go through some of the modules in the training for a better understanding of using paid traffic and improving conversions before you do that. Also… connect with me on facebook. It’s easier to communicate there… facebook(domt)com/jon.ochs

  12. Hey John, the 15k month formula, how much do I need to put aside for marketing cost?thanks John

  13. Awesome to hear Billy! You are very welcome :)

  14. Brian, making money with EN requires that you commit to learning and following instruction from those that are already making what you want. It requires consistent work. But the cool thing about using a proven system is that you can just focus on your education and taking the right actions and let the system do the rest. Making $1000/day is not any harder than making $100/day here, you just have to keep going and improving. If you’re ready to go, we’ll show you what to do JoinJonOchs(dot)com :)

  15. Hi John Great Video, If I join your downline what will it take to make $1,000 a day

  16. Jon You have re-inspired me ! Iam have been in EN for a few months.I will be watching all of your video’s.Your knowledge is going to help me break through to the other side that Dave Wood talks about. I can feel it ! Thank you !!!!!

  17. J.R. yes, of course… that’s the whole point isn’t it? :) .. I provide a huge amount of support to my EN team and I also run a private facebook mastermind group where the whole team communicates and helps each other. If you are ready to join us, you can go to JoinJonOchs(dot)com or connect with me on facebook at facebook(dot)com/jon.ochs

  18. hey Jon great video. I wanted to know if you actually help people that sign up under you to rank their blog. Basically the question is do you share your ranking secrets with your team? Thanks.

  19. No Empower does not provide any Craigslist training, but there are some people in our community that have plenty of CL training. I’ve not found CL to be all that effective myself… there are much better ways :) If you’re looking to join, you can join us here – JoinJonOchs(dot)com

  20. Carl, thanks man, I appreciate your comment :)

  21. does empower give you info on placing multiple ads on craiglist and backpage.

  22. good info about the raking on empower vs the other blogging company

  23. Hi Robert, yes, my grandma is quite proud… LOL. From your comments, you obviously don’t know much about EN. I have been an online marketer for over a decade and have observed a lot of companies come and go, some good, some bad. EN is nothing like anything that has ever been created. You cannot just decide to create your own EN. You can duplicate a pay plan, but you cannot ever duplicate the leadership,m culture and people that have created EN. Let me know if you’d like to discuss.

  24. Hey Brett, I completely appreciate your situation and would be happy to answer your questions about EN. The first thing you should do is go to logicblogger(dot)com and subscribe. I will send you some info. Also connect with me on facebook at facebook(dot)com/jon.ochs so we can communicate better. I a confident that after you see what I show you, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.