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Fuck Yeah Straight Edge

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I just started a new blog.

i’ll be posting sXe related pics, videos, texts, everything, from all around the world.

You have pictures of Straight Edge shows, tattoos, thirts, stickers, whatever?

Cool videos you think everybody should watch?

Send them my way! I’d love to get cool stuff to publish!

Help me out!!!

Post Huffington: Billy Gomez / Shadow Hunter

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Huffington Post post about Billy Gomez.

The translation of the text that appears in the blog (which you can read below) is the work of Mark Donnelly . A great thank you to Mark for always looking for the best translation and to Billy Gomez for his great work and collaboration.

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Shadow Hunter

There are methodical photographers who dedicate hours to every photo controlling every little detail of light and composition. On the opposite side there are those who armed with their cameras are hungry for images like a hunter looking for his prey. They don’t know where nor when they’ll find this image. They’re not familiar with the place, the light or “the model”. But at any given time they’ll stumble upon it and shoot without thinking twice, feeling the rush of the hunter becoming the hunted.

Billy Gómez belongs to this lineage of camouflaged, instinctive, risk-taking, quick draw and crack shot photographers. He has become a creative and active witness of the streets of Seoul. Its inhabitants are the driving force behind his work with their hectic routines, their depression and loneliness etched on their faces. The metro, train and the streets are his usual scenes. As in this image, the people he photographs are alone, lost in thought and with an expression of defeat almost as if they were prisoners to a life they hadn’t dreamt of. They look through the windows with their imagination trying to escape but all they find are others like them who are just as lonely and lost.

Billy is aware of the fact that with his camera he is going to steal sad and intimate moments in public places with no previous permission and this has its risks. However this also turns the moment of capture into something exciting, disturbing and unpredictable. With his sensitive and lyrical voyeurism he turns everything he sees into art.

He develops his photographs in a way to increase the loneliness of the lives of the human beings he portrays. By adding a vignette to every one of his subjects and darkening the borders it seems like they are surrounded by shadows. With his camera he immortalizes these sad inhabitants and it can be said that his voyeurism of anonymous men and women is taxidermal.

Billy Gómez (Los Angeles, 1971)

Born in America he moved to Seoul in 2005 to teach English. His job leaves him with a lot of free time and soon he decides to make the most of it by taking photographs. After a few years of fooling around, experimenting and searching he starts to define his style – a combination of voyeurism and spontaneous portrait. The result is a lucid and sad x-ray of a city, Seoul and its inhabitants.

With a telephoto lens, a 50mm and lately an iPhone that allows him to go unnoticed, he hits the streets in search of the right light and perfect moment. Not being able to control light as one would in a studio makes post-production more laborious. The search for the right light is now one of this visual poet’s priorities in the streets of Seoul. A hunter of light and above all shadows.

Enjoying the Pale

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