Dec 122013

Academic blogging in the law : An obvious fit
Though Williams article is on whether academic blogging is worth the risk, with the odd chance someone may steal your content, she's eloquent and persuasive as to why academics ought to blog. Blogging provides a vital method of communication and …
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Boston lesbian blogger shares life online
"[Blogging has] always been a place to connect with like-minded people, find support, and be challenged. Before online journaling, I always kept a personal written journal. I've always been a writer, but I found that I got so much more out of writing …
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Academic blogging: a risk worth taking?
When I opened the article, I was surprised and horrified, to find a post I had published on my blog just weeks earlier staring back at me, with somebody else's name placed at the top. Worse still, I found the same post reproduced on other sites, under …
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